Not for Publicaion-Chris Masters

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  • Topic: Expository writing, Drug addiction, Regulatory Focus Theory
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  • Published : October 6, 2005
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Explore how ideas, proposition and arguments in expository text can be exposed by examining the methods of persuasion.

Chris Masters, investigative journalist for Four Corners presents ideas, propositions and arguments through methods of persuasion such as language, point of view, selection of detail, tone, use of metaphors and construction in his published versions of articles he did not but to air on the ABC. Why did Chris masters publish this text? The answer to this question and purpose of this expository text lies within the exposure of the ideas, propositions and arguments that the text provides. Not for Publication underlines such themes as democracy, (the freedom of speech, knowledge and to read/ write what we wish and a lifestyle without censorship). We are asked to question ourselves whether the public is enforcing this democracy critical and with visulence or if we are leaving it to trust between the journalists words and the public acceptance of those words. Has consumer sovereignty disappeared? Isn't the producer meant to meet consumer's demands? Economics has told us this, does this mean that the public is asking for biased reports, lies and missed information within the media, does part of our human anatomy require daily drama, violence and heart filled brake through stories? Chris Masters uses episodes which makes suggestions and questions the audience's beliefs on issues surrounding the theme of democracy but each episode addressing a different idea or concept.

In the expository novel Not for Publication the episode "The man who will not march" Chris Masters addresses the fading pride and attitudes returning war veterans have and our nation icon "Anzac day" and the emotions this day with holds within us. As 2005 represents the year of the last living WW1 veterans, Chris Masters is left to question, What is going on when we don't have our own veterans marching in commemoration?. Have we skipped a generation or lost a generation willing to...
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