Not Everything That Is Learned Is Contained in Books

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  • Published : March 1, 2012
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It has been said, “Not everything that is learned is contained in books.” Many people believe that not everything is contained in books while others believe that most knowledge we have known is gained from books. From my point of view, I believe the second one is better. Knowledge gained form books is much more important than knowledge gained from life experiences. Although not everything is contained in books, we still have to learn most things in books like we used to do it when we went to school. There are three main reasons that support my point of view. Firstly, some knowledge can be never gained from life experiences. As we all know, some knowledge is recorded by people like scientists or people from the past, from ancient time, here and abroad. We can say, books are not only great sources for us to get to know more information, but also excellent sources to know what is happening in present time, what happened in the past and what will probably happed in the future. Without books, how can we know what happened in World War? Without books, how can we know what is going on there in space? Without books, how can we know about important things that can be used in life like Chemistry or Physics? Secondly, we all have to go to school: primary, high school, college. Books not only give us knowledge to learn besides what teachers have taught us but also save us from tests in school. In conclusion, both knowledge from books and knowledge from life experiences are important to us. However, what we collect from books is much more important, in spite of the fact that knowledge gained from life is more practical than from books. I believe that books are still the major and great sources of knowledge.
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