Not Born to Perform

Topics: Animal, Living Things, Performing arts Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Not born to perform
Recently, there is an appeal form Animals Asia Foundation to halt animal performance. Throughout China, different kinds of animals have been kept for human’s entertainment in circuses. The existence of those “funny” or “exciting” animal performances, however, has no good effects! Is animal performance really a funny thing? Tigers are forced to jump through the fiery hoops, and bear have to punch to each other like they are boxing. Animals’ fear of fire is their nature, and none of them is motionless. Most animals have a similar intelligence as a 3-year-old child. What do you feel when someone makes a 3-year-old child do the things he is most afraid of? Children can cry, can say their fears, but animals are voiceless. If they don’t follow the trainer’s order, they get hit by sticks, electric, or metal needles. Animals like tigers and lions would suffer the pain of being ripped out teeth and nails. Those kings of the wild are so powerless in front of human beings. When animals get sick, people in circuses may just fed them antibiotics. Owing to those factors, most animals in circuses life span will decrease a half comparing to the ones in the wild. Animals’ emotions are seldom being considered also. Trainers would abuse animals a lot to break their spirit and dignity since they born. Animals spend their whole lives finishing this performance and then waiting for the next one in a dirty, small cage where is probably just enough for turning around. Many trainers are not so much educated. They don’t know much about their animals, so they of course won’t be able to give animals a proper living environment. A little baby tiger may be forced to leave his mom and stay in a noisy place to take picture with people. He is so puzzled that what are those weird features; why they want to hold me; where is my mom? In another hand, animal performance is a misguidance for children who are mostly interested in watching it. Children may subliminally think it is...
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