Nostalgic Appeals Message

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Nostalgic appeals messages, which try to transport consumers to their past through cultural or symbolic references, is widely used in the marketing nowadays to increase the effectiveness of the advertisements and the brands. Supporting Evidences

Researchers find some people are more nostalgia-prone in that they more actively seek out nostalgic information (Holbrook & Schindler 1996). Advertisers claim that the use of nostalgia is a way to capitalize on the "gift" of brand equity possessed by recycled advertising (Winters 1990). A recent paper (Braun-LaTour et al. 2007) also argued that consumers’ earliest and defining brand memories might be the most effective in uncovering brand meaning. In addition to above research claims, the success of nostalgic campaign also can be proved in practice. Reminding consumers of past experiences has been a forte of Disney’s advertising, as in its ‘100 Years of Magic’, which features memorable park moments, such as meeting Mickey Mouse as a child for the first time. Pepsi-Cola attempted to remind consumers of their past usage of that cola through the decades by using Britney Spears to symbolize different eras of Pepsi consumers, in a highly publicized Super Bowl ad. (Braun-LaTour et al. 2007) Counter-Arguments

In mid-January, McDonalds launched a Twitter campaign asking users to post nostalgic stories about their experiences on Happy Meals. However, the campaign quickly took a whole different turn very quickly as users started sharing horror experiences and shock tales. From poor work conditions to appalling food quality, McDonald’s campaign turned negative attention back to itself. (“Social media campaigns: case studies of the biggest fails of 2012”, 2012) My Position

The set of supporting evidence is more convincing. The following are the concessions: First, nostalgia makes people feel good about the advertisement and the brand only if the brand can connect to that positive emotional state associated with...
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