Nosocomial Infections

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Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Nosocomial Pneumonia

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the most common pathogen in nosocomial pneumonia. It is hospital acquired infection that the hospitals eat up the cost of treatment. Although pneumonia can be prevented, it is still an infection that we find in hospitals all across the United States. Pneumonia is a dangerous infection in patients who are already immunosuppressed and get pneumonia as a secondary infection. Preventative measures need to be taken to prevent such infections in the perioperative stages.

Nursing Concepts Module A
Amy Kramer

Pseudomonas aeroginosa is the most common pathogen in nosocomial pneumonia. It is found in soil, around water, and in the healthcare setting around the sinks, water, irrigating solutions, and nebulizers on respiratory equipment. (Williams, Hopper. P. 113.) Nosocomial infections are an infection that a patient develops during their stay at the hospital. The patients’ health status/condition plays a major role in whether the infection will be acquired or not. If you are in the hospital, you have to be there for a reason and also commonly debilitated, malnourished, or immunocompromised. The more of an invasive procedure and the more debilitated the patient is makes them more susceptible to get the infection.

Prevention Measures
The most effective way to prevent and control spread of infections is effective hand hygiene. Most of the infections are spread through the hands of healthcare providers from one patient to the next because of a lack of hand hygiene and other such safety precautions. Handwashing should be performed after every patient and before seeing a new patient, also before and after gloving. Patients should not be scared to ask the nurse or healthcare provider to wash their hands, but also understand the importance of washing their own hands during their hospital stay.

Care providers should also...
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