Nosferatu Film Assignment

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Nosferatu directed by F.W. Murnau, is a feature horror film made in Germany.  It was filmed according to the Nosferatu legend, the horrific vampire of Transylvania.  The film was very archaic, in a sense. I noticed in the film that most of the scene changes had a certain color of light.  I felt that those light changes were trying to signify the time in the day or the certain amount of light in room of the scene is to help amplify the audience vision.  I like how Murnau transitioned into many scenes especially those that were of traveling characters, it kept me focused on it.  Especially since Nosferatu was a silent film.  In my opinion, the actors worked really well with using their body expressions in each scene. To watch F.W. Murnau's ``Nosferatu'' (1922) is to see the vampire movie before it had really seen itself. Here is the story of Dracula before it was buried alive in clichés, jokes, TV skits, cartoons and more than 30 other films. The film is in awe of its material. It seems to really believe in vampires. Max Schreck, who plays the vampire, avoids most of the theatrical touches that would distract from all the later performances, like Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, Frank Langella and Gary Oldman. The vampire should come across not like a flamboyant actor but like a man suffering from a dread curse. Schreck plays the count more like an animal than a human being; the art direction by Murnau's collaborator, Albin Grau, gives him bat ears, claw like nails and fangs that are in the middle of his mouth like a rodent's, instead of on the sides like on a Halloween mask. Murnau's silent film was based on the Bram Stoker novel, but the title and character names were changed because Stoker's widow charged, not unreasonably, that her husband's estate was being ripped off. Ironically, in the long run Murnau was the making of Stoker, because ``Nosferatu'' inspired dozens of other Dracula films, none of them as artistic or unforgettable  The story that...
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