Northwoods Descriptive Essay

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  • Published : December 13, 2011
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Crisp, Warm and Wonderful
Imagine a “Promise Land” of our time just hidden three hundred miles north of where you are sitting today. One of the few areas still untouched by big name developers, is the Northwoods. Northern Wisconsin has many natural beauties and magnificent wildlife, which will please even the most heartless of people. All of the seasons, Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer, have there own unique attributes that set them apart from the seasons elsewhere. With the warm colored leaves flying through the air and piling up in the yard like a majestic mountain of color, it is hard not to just kick back and take in the view. The hammock in the yard chained to a pine tree and a maple tree provides all the comfort anyone could ask for, but bring a blanket, it gets cold. Wandering on another few feet from the hammock, all the sounds of the lake stampede into the inner ear, giving an indescribable sensation. The way the crisp blue water rushes up onto the iridescent white sandy beach catches the attention of any nature lover. The ragged, old sea foam fishing boat sways back and for the smacking the old used tires on the dock. The fish fry is being prepared from today’s catch, while everyone sits around the grill enjoying the sweet aroma. These cool fall days, with leaves falling all around remind one of all the years spent with the family, laughing and having fun. Bonfires are a must all along the lakeshore; they are illuminating the lake with a warm orange, like the orange of the trees this time of the year. Unfortunately this is the end of another year up at the lake. There comes a time every year when winter is near, shutting down the house and winterizing it, getting ready for another season. Winter is approaching fast.

When winter rolls around, everything grinds to a halt. Except for the packers, the town’s people from the Northwoods have nothing more exciting than to sit in there heated homes and hope for another good year of pro football. The people...
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