Northville Daycare

Topics: Day care, Ratio, Childcare Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: August 21, 2008
Please review the attachment for the baseline 2000 monthly budget for the proposed Northville Daycare. In our research, Team D concluded that if the ratio of the current staff was to increase to the maximum allowed by law, there would be a impact on the budget which would not have an effect on the baseline budget. As the growth of the children increase, the maximum child care staff on duty would be at a total of 17; this doesn’t include the administrative staff which we projected the following data of savings for Northville Daycare Project: Training: 200*6= $1200(annually)

Salary: 6.5*8*5*4*6=$6240(monthly) $74880 (annually)
Benefits- Social Security- 74.36*6*12=$5353.92
Health- 60*6*12=$4320
Unemployment- 8.32*6*12=$599.04
Pension- 6.24*6*12=$449.28
Total Savings of: $86802.24
Also, Team D concluded that the changes would be made to the monthly fees for enrollment. Instead of paying the suggested $200 dollars a month, we would have parents pay $350 dollars a month. The advantages of this would be more revenue generated, a much better quality of service would be provided, workers would receive a .50-cent pay increase, and we would be more competitive with our competition. The reason for giving workers a pay increase is due to the cost of living rising and our economy changing. This pay increase would also be used as a tool to assist with retaining workers in our day care. The disadvantages of enrollment fees increasing would be enrollment declining due to fees changing, parents requesting more services then provided, and hours of business being altered. (Parents requesting that the day care open for business earlier and close later). This would also cause workers to work overtime if our time of business is altered. Overtime for workers means more money paid out for salaries. This would hurt our budget if not managed properly.
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