Northerners vs Southerners

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Northern Pride vs Southern Charm
Both being regions of the United States, the North and South are actually quite different - as well as the people who live there. Northerners and Southerners perceptions of each other tend to be quite different.

Southern Hospitality: One of the first things people think of when they think of Southerners. Whether they’re saying “Yes Ma’am, Yes Sir” to you or simply holding a door open, Southerners always seem to show their kind hearts. Even if it’s something bad, they find the kindest way of saying it. For example, when Southerners - usually women - use the phrase “Bless her heart”, it might sound like such a nice thing to say, but to them, it’s really an insult.

Another perception of Southerners is slow. Slow to speak, slow to walk, slow to do just about anything. “Southern drawl” is what they like to call it; It’s where they draw-out their vowel sounds. What they aren’t slow at is volunteering: shoveling snow for neighbors, checking in on their family and friends, helping out when disasters occur.

Rude, insincere, selfish: some of the qualities Northerners are stereotyped as. They come across as having an “all about me” attitude; they look down on Southerners, as though they are superior to them. Unlike Southerners, if they have something they want to say, they will; this comes off as rude to some people. “Yes Ma’am, Yes Sir” don’t come out of their mouths - ever.

On the other hand, Northerners talk a little bit faster than Southerners - or a lot faster. They are also faster people, never wasting a minute of their day. They aren’t really understanding of the southern drawl; they take it as Southerners being slow to comprehend, or just dumb. But contradictory to the Southerners, Northerners aren’t as quick to help out others. It could be because of all of the big cities in the North; maybe they think since there is more people, someone else will take care of this for them - or, maybe they are just don’t want to help....
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