Northern and Southern British Colonies of North America

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Northern and Southern British Colonies of North America
The views of Northern and Southern British Colonies of North America developed different culturally factors including economically and political views, education, and religious instruction. Colonies in the north and south developed their own characteristics making them significant for the main land, and later becomes the new nation itself.

Economic wise, the colonies had more differences than similarities. The North had small farms while the south had larger plantations. The northern colonies developed important trades on furs, timber, and other natural resources. The northern colonies developed into shipping center at New York, which originally belonging to the Dutch until 1664, where goods were stored. The English develop the harbors around New York and it became a major shipping center of the colonies. Meanwhile, the south developed important trades on agriculture, cotton, rice, and tea. At the time, the south had fewer raw materials than the North and mostly traded cotton. The cotton crop was the most important trade to the Southern colonies, it was nicknamed King Cotton. The reason of the South’s plantation out-sizing the North’s plantation was because the social aspect of each side. The Northern colony life mainly revolved the church members, when the south had more focus on the wealthy land owner. However, The North and south economics were similar to each other as well; for example, Tobacco and slavery. The North and South both also supported the use of indentured servants, people who came to America and was placed under contract to work for land owners for over a period of time, usually about seven year. Politically, the North and South had differences on who had the bigger voice in the society. In the North, Church membership was the only way to be accepted in to the colony. The church in the north controlled the laws and were the most accepted in the colony. Meanwhile, in the South,...
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