North vs. South Living

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  • Published : October 15, 2009
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Have you ever wandered weather you wanted to live in the north or the south? There are a lot of differences between the northern and southern states, but there are also some highly important similarities. People in the north are generally used to crowded places, because they have a lot of people in a smaller area. In the south people feel that they have more room to stretch and relax, but weather it’s on a city street or 45 acres of grassy land their usually laughing happily with their friends. The difference in the population causes people to have different activity's they enjoy. Its common for people in the south to enjoy a relaxing day on the front porch with a cup of sweet tea, whereas people in the north would enjoy a busy night out on the town. Wherever you decide to enjoy your free time you can guarantee that you'll find a McDonald's or another popular fast food restaurant to keep your hunger satisfied. Before they go out though, they have to remember, since the temperature is lower in the north they need to wear heaver suits, and jackets. In the south, weather is hot enough to wear shorts, flip flops, and sun tan lotion. No matter where you are though, you can be sure to find a Walmart where cloths can be bought, and other items that prepare you for the weather.

In the south there is a lot more room, so people can have farms. Farms are a major way for the south states to make money. In the north there are tons of buildings built feet apart from each other. People use these buildings to house their businesses. Big business is the one of the main ways the north makes money, but weather people are in an office or a field preparing crops they are working hard to make money.

The north is an exiting place at night, because that is when it is lit up with the dazzling lights of the many restaurants and night clubs. While the people in the north are dressed in their best and off to a good time people in the south are sleeping soundly. The south is a place...
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