North vs South Colonies

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  • Published : November 16, 2006
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Though the Northern and Southern colonies were close to each other, they held many similarities and differences. America was actually a place of dreams until the white immigrants began sailing to its' shores. They had sailed and sought after religious freedom, bringing their prejudices with them. As the land was divided, so were the beliefs. The upper and lower colonies began to grow differently, while maintaining a few similarities.

The Northern and Southern colonies had many of different routes and ended with the same destination. The United States as people know it today. An influx of immigrants coaxed both the north and south into growing. Immigrants had come to America to have a new start at life. There were many different reasons, but it mainly concerned freedom of some sort (including religious). Even though people received more freedom than in their past, prejudice against women and difference races prevailed even with many so many people seeking freedom. They closed their eyes from seeing that even though some had gained their freedom, others hadn't. Immigrants also coated the land with different ideas and crops. Both the north and the south began developing their own worlds, but they could never be more different.

The reason the north and south are separated is because they do have differences. While both the sets of colonies had diverse people, the Northern had many more immigrants and the kinds of immigrants coming to each were different. Slavery was also more of a highlight in texts for the Southern colonies because the south had more of a dependence upon them because of their plantations, which were deathly boring and similar to one another. Because plantations were so much labor, they had more of a need for slaves. Slaves only became more popular as the past indentured servants went out of style. The North had several different crops and were on very small farms, as opposed to the southern colonies. Also, because the North had less of a...
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