North Korea

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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North Korea
North Korea is a hot topic right now all around the world. From North Korea's threats to launch a Pre-Emptive nuclear strike against the U.S. and South Korea. This provocative stance North Korea is taking is important in world history because they have created a lot of conflict throughout the years and now they could actually start a nuclear war against the United States and South Korea.

Since the beginning North Korea has had an anti-United states view since its creation in 1948. North Korea says South Korea is a pawn of the U.S.. Since the end of the Korean War in 1953, the North has not attacked its neighbor, South Korea, but to this day keeps large amounts of troops and artillery focused on Seoul South Korea's capital. In the 1990's, North Korea started to take steps toward a better relationship with South Korea. But the conversation ended when South korea asked about North korea's nuclear ambitions. Kim Il-sung the founder of North Korea died 1994, after his death, his son Kim jong-il became the leader of North Korea. Under Kim Jong-il, North Korea became a nuclear power. It also became the world’s most isolated country. In 2008, Kim jong-il disappeared from sight for some months and it was later know that he had suffered a stroke. After his stroke he started taking actions to transfer power to his son, Kim Jong-un, who in September 2010 was appointed a four-star general in the People’s Army, and the Supreme leader of North Korea. One of the big questions is will Kim Jong-un be able to hold onto power and prevent North Korea's impoverished economy from collapsing? North Korea’s nuclear program began in the mid-1980's. In 1994 North korea's nuclear program became known internationally. Their ambitions to have nuclear weapons made the United States come close to military action against North Korea in the past for example in 1994. President Clinton thought about the idea of air strikes against North Korea nuclear sites Instead. In a last-minute...
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