North India & South India Comparison Essay

Topics: Islam, Hinduism, India Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: October 24, 2012
North India and South India both had many similarities and differences. Regional kingdoms contained alike and dislike economies, political views, and religions. Over time, both areas developed in different ways. These ways shaped the form of India today. North and South India flourished because of its similar and different qualities. Many factors impacted the similar economies of North and South India. Monsoons affected both regions and caused long rainfalls in the summer and dry winds in the autumn and winter. In the Intellectual section in my PERSIAN Notes it says: during the autumn and winter months, irrigation was especially necessary and they both created dams, canals, wells, and tunnels. Rice, wheat, barley, pepper, spices, and specialized crops were grown. Because of the increase in agriculture, population growth occurred and by 1500 C.E. the population was 105 million. It also caused urbanization for North and South India. North and South India were interconnected with their economy in these ways. Although there were several similarities, there were also differences. North India’s main economical production was agriculture and South India’s main production was trading through the Indian Ocean basin. In South India the people traded more because they had access to the Indian Ocean basin and used the monsoon winds to travel oversea. Hindu temples served as banks and gave loans, invested in business, and invested in commercial ventures. Mosques only served for religious purposes. Economically North and South India are different. India had many kingdoms with similar political ruling and ideas. Both north and south were first ruled by Indians. North and South India were ruled by kings in regional kingdoms.

Rulers would tax their people and make the big decisions for the regions. According to the Political section in my PERSIAN Notes it says: most of the kingdoms weren’t centralized and allowed autonomy for the villages. Their governments were also...
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