North Dakota and Ncaa at Odds over University Mascot

Andrea Vipperman
Native North America
April 19, 2012

North Dakota and NCAA at Odds over University Mascot

Why is the National Collegiate Athletics Association demanding that ‘all American Indian mascots be dropped? And why is North Dakota fighting so hard to keep their Sioux mascot? What is so wrong about using the symbol of the Native American peoples as logo or mascot for an athletic team? I suppose it all depends on the Tribe and how they are being represented. Grant it some Tribes find it offensive, but there are others that see it as a great honor to have their peoples represented in such a manner.

I find it really sad that just to get your voice heard in this country you have to pass a law. Are we really doing something so wrong as to find a strong, historically proud, spiritually sound, survivalist people and use them as representatives of our athletes?

The article in the New York Times tells us that the logo for the ‘Fighting Sioux’ shows the profile of a Native American man proudly displaying feathers in his hair, what is so harmful in that? Maybe it is the name of the team that is really causing the problem. The name ‘Fight Sioux’ makes it hostile, not the representation of a Native American proudly displaying his heritage. It is not the logo or the mascot; it is how these items are being represented by the team, not the other way around. All these athletic teams are looking for is a way to show strength and pride in their teams, nothing more nothing less.
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