North Country

Topics: African American, Sexual harassment, Gender Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: July 11, 2008
North Country: Relevance to Argumentation
In the movie North Country the plot over laps allot of the issues we discuss in class weekly. The way the inerrant dominant power the men naturally take within the union. It reminds me of a lot of Cornell West theories on the politician’s in Washington. Where women potentially will never have equal power unless we keep on widdling away the barriers of gender discrimination.

I noticed in the movie there were no African American people in the film. I assume it was because it was in a small town but I still wonder if there would have been a Black person working there if they had applied. The discrimination was so ingrained in the people of that town that I don’t think it would have been safe for them to be there.

I found the movie empowering and liberating as an American more so than as a women because of the legal system that is in place for the people of this country. As impossible as it seemed for the women in this movie to get sexual harassment laws in place, much like the segregation laws our book talks about this.

I also respected the movie for not being money focused but principle focused. Stating at the end that they has a modest settlement. Emerson quotes in one of his essays that we don’t need to live in excess basically but we need to live on morals and values for each other. Live practically and kindly not selfishly and endlessly consuming to get ahead of one another. This movies was a great depiction of living a fare and free life by doing good to get good.
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