North Carolina and Rhode Island

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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North Carolina and Rhode Island possess both similarities and differences for founding and development. As a result of geography and previous history, North Carolina and Rhode Island vary in their relations with Native Americans. Rhode Island and North Carolina share similarities pertaining to motivations for colonization, political development and religious attitudes. Rhode Island was essentially founded by Roger Williams who fled to the area in 1636 with the help of amicable Indians. Rhode Island was colonized by exiles of religion and society. Williams established complete freedom of religion even for Catholics and Jews. No laws were passed regarding religious beliefs, required attendance at mass, or taxes to support a state church. Colonists enjoyed universal man suffrage which in time made Rhode Island a remarkably democratic and independent colony. North Carolina’s population was largely composed of poverty stricken outsiders and religious dissenters from Virginia. On account of isolation, North Carolina developed a strong sense of resistance to authority. Being the least aristocratic of the thirteen colonies, North Carolina received the status of irreligious. Rhode Island and North Carolina are considered far ahead of their time for being the most democratic, and the most independent minded. Unlike Rhode Island, North Carolina did not share the same sense of companionship with their Native American neighbors. Ongoing bloody relations occurred between the Tuscarona Indians and the European settlers. The primary cause for the colonization of both North Carolina and Rhode Island was the intolerance among aristocrats and the pious. The open minded people of North Carolina and Rhode Island were the most democratic and advanced inhabitants of their time. Differences existed only in relations with Native Americans. Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, managed a friendly relationship with fellow Native Americans while North Carolina...
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