North and South Civil War

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  • Published : June 5, 2007
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Throughout American history, one can see from a chain of events why certain interactions have been constructed. As for the North and the South, they exhibited their differences before the 1860's, and it was from their clashing viewpoints that started the Civil War. However, this war did more than prove their contrasting goals, as it showed the diversities between the two. Politically and economically, the North and South changed dramatically due to the Civil War.

Right after the election of President Abraham Lincoln, the South instantly withdrew from the Union. It is evident here that the country had torn itself into two bodies: or "a country divided" according to Lincoln. The North, unlike the South, was under control of the strong leader Lincoln. One can further see the hatred that the South had of the North, as he was assassinated by a southern man. The timing of this assassination could not have happened at the most crucial time period in America's history, for reconstruction was left up to his predecessor, Andrew Jackson.

Yet, there are many other differences between the North and the South aside from their leaders. The Wade-Davis Bill was proposed for the Reconstruction of the South, as it made re-admittance to the Union almost impossible for the majority of each Southern state. The north, conversely, had the Ten percent plan, which was proposed by Lincoln and would pardon all southerners. The North was also pushing for the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, while the South was against abolishing slavery within the Union.

The economies of both the North and the South experienced a dramatic change as well. The Southern economy had printed false money, causing a huge increase in inflation, while the North's economy was stable. Due to this rise in inflation, and the Emancipation Proclamation, the plantation system failed. All of this, on top of a blockade held by the North, all hurt the Southern economy.

As for the North, their economy is increased...
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