North and South

Topics: American Civil War, United States, Southern United States Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Many things were happening in the South during the 1800's and the mid 1800's. Like for instance the cotton gin. In the early 1800's the South was the number one producer of cotton in America. But then the north started to produce more cotton then the south and soon enough the souths production of cotton stopped. But the south sure did love there slaves. The slaves in the South got to work on plantations and the free slaves in the north worked in factory’s. Late into the 1800's the slaves were put into the war. They were used in the farm's in the south to.

During the 1800's north american was on its way to making it self better looking and greater then the south. The north had a lot of factories that produced more cotton, pistols and etc. The middle class was being made in the north and the factory’s lead to European and Irish immigrants moving to the North. Which made the middle class grow even bigger. The north was against slavery for the most part and there advance on the movement of stoping slavery lead to schools and even more middle class citizens.

During the 1800's many people were moving to the western part of america. Because the western part of america didn’t have a lot of space for farming. Like the Trail of Destiny only the Cherokee were forced out of Mississippi and they traveled to the space of land that is now called Oklahoma. This event occurred because of Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy. This was also very important to because we needed the Mississippi to take part in the civil war, plus it gave us water.
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