North American Gender Inequality

Topics: Gender, Unemployment, United States Pages: 3 (1169 words) Published: May 29, 2013
North American Gender Inequality

Name: Abderahmane Behilil
Submitted to: Mrs. Meszaros
Due Date: Dec, 7th, 2012
North American Gender inequality

(Elizabeth 2nd, 1952)“No employee shall employ a female employee for any work at a rate of pay that is less than the rate of pay at which a male employee is employed by that employer for identical or substantially identical work” Although it is law in all of North America, gender inequality has been profoundly observed within the government and areas such as companies and industries where the female gender continues to experience unequal gender concentrations in different job positions, unequal gender pay, as well as being discriminated against when employment comes into question. Although it has been suppressed to some extent, it is still a problem in the labor force. It is especially evident when examining employment issues. As a matter of fact, the governments along with companies and industries, all across North America have been experiencing unequal gender concentrations in different job positions. Of the 267 directors of board, only 11 percent are female in 27 North American publicly held steel companies (Petry 1997). This demonstrates that there is indeed a glass ceiling (unofficial yet know prevention of promotion in position/rank) because females are openly suppressed to lower incomes or power positions.” Women comprise 66% of the U.S. workforce, yet only 21% hold middle management positions, and a mere 15% are at the senior management level” (Sipe, 2009). This means that though women make up more than half of the labor force, they are still viewed as the weaker gender and in turn not suitable for promotion. In the auto industry, woman make 80 persent of all sales, yet there are only 100 females in high ranking positions. Although the female gender contributes more than its fair share, they are still left in low income positions. With females contributing greatly to the labor force and still being...
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