North American Body Image

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  • Published : May 7, 2012
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The North American Culture:
Does it affect your children’s body image?
Teenagers’ value and their body image and their personal appearance due to the “perfect” body image Hollywood portrays. Many young girls in the North American culture have been highly affected by the image Hollywood is showing off. Many of these girls are considering cosmetic surgery, makeovers, and diets to change how they define themselves. In this generation, teenagers and even adults worry about the beauty that comes from your appearance and completely forget about the beauty from within. The North American culture has affected the way teenagers and young girls see themselves because of the pressure to be perfect. Has Hollywood gone too far with using actresses and models that are extremely thin? Hollywood has gone below their standards with having too many actresses that are so thin they look sick (“Shrinking Hollywood Starlets” 1). Many of the actresses in Hollywood today have a very deteriorating look. An actresses body is like a status symbol, the thinner and taller they are the more they are worth (“Shrinking Hollywood Starlets” 1). Many girls don’t understand that Hollywood is represented as a warped view of the ordinary life, so they look up to the actresses (“Looking Good” 2). As children are growing up they see the movies and TV shows made for little kids and they always say “I want to be just like her when I grow up!” or “She’s my role model!” Actresses today are setting bad examples on children and teenagers without even knowing it, being persuaded by Hollywood. In the American culture people spend too much money on beauty enhancing products. The most common and effective beauty interventions are exercise, diets, and makeup which can be very costly (McDonnel 27). On average, North Americans spend more than $40 billion on body and self-products every year (McDonnel 32). Companies in North America spend billions of dollars promoting beauty products and...
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