Norooz Celebration

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  • Published : November 17, 2005
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Norooz is one of the Iranian old celebrations. It's from 2600 years ago; when Zartosht appeared (ancient Iran prophet); when air becoming full of flower smell and spring show his visage to nature. During the old time, one or two months before Norooz people were going to Bazaar and buying their Norooz clothes. Those clothes were bought which had red or yellow color and were bright. They believed if they be sewing their clothes on Monday or Friday it‘s better than Thursday. Because on Thursday the time is heavy! And their clothes won't be sewing soon! And if they cut clothes on Tuesday it's going to be for thief and on Wednesday it'll be burned! They thought they have to bake sweet bread or make cookies too; (Those were works that should be done before Norooz). About ten days before Norooz people grew the grassplot in the dishes and one or two weeks before Norooz they began house cleaning. The most important thing in Norooz is SOFREYE HAFT SIN [ People lay the table that spread Somagh (sumac)- Senjend (oleaster)- Samano (juice of germinating wheat)- Sir (garlic)- Serke (vinegar)- Sabze (grassplot)- and Seke ( coin) on it; All of the things on the dinner- cloth have philosophical reasons. For example (Candle) is a symbol for light, (Qoran) is a symbol to pay attention to God, (Money) is a symbol for blessed, (Spand) is a symbol to avoid harm, (Rice) a symbol for welfare, (Water) a symbol for cleanliness, (Little red fish) bring people good luck, (Mirror) a symbol for cleanliness and gold metal a symbol for hope to have a good position in new year. The candles should not be turned off with blowing out, but also they should burn completely or turned off with sugar. From morning of the first day of Norooz people beginning meet each other. In all families it's a custom that first of all, people going to visit the old person of their relatives. In the first day of Norooz is a custom that people eating a food that makes from rice, vegetables and fish. In...
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