Norms Test

Topics: By the Way, Sociology, The Culture Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Culture is really complicated. The living of human interaction has a certain way to express it; however, the certain rules of behavior are called “Norms”. For instance, on a crowded street people face forward and walk towards to the destination. To break the norms is to walk backward on the street. The purpose of this norm is to get to the place that we wanted, with his or her eyes on the road and facing forward. Walking backward among the crowd with really slow speed is violating the norm because we can not see what are in front of us if we do not face forward. Walking backward may have a chance to hit something and getting yourself hurt as a result. When others saw me walking backward on the street, they often move away from me or give me a weird look. With the speed I am preceding, it takes longer for me to get to the place I wanted to go. When the people moved away from me signify that they do not want to interrupt what I was doing and if they do, no one will know what will I react, so the people shown some fear of getting near me. When I was breaking the norm I temped to walk as normal as possible so people will not think I am breaking the norm; nevertheless, people still noticed the behavior I was committing because it is really rare to see people walking backward in the middle of the street. When I was breaking the norm, I felt different and embarrassed because I was breaking the norm. While I am breaking the norm I wish this exercise can finish as soon as possible. I felt embarrassed because people start paying attention on me, and become the center of the attention in the middle of the street. You can hear some laugh from afar, and some kids starting pointing at me and ask their parent what I am doing. By breaking this norm I felt how important norm is among our living. We might not notice but every single action we are doing is norm that people sees it as normal. When other people’s point of view is different, the ways they judge the norm are...
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