Norms and Expectations

Topics: Childhood, Human behavior, Psychology Pages: 3 (628 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Norms and Expectations
Letitia Meeks
ECE 201 Intro to Early Childhood Behavior Management
Instructor: Keli Keyes
January 13, 2013

Appropriate Classroom Behavior for Young Children
Designing effective classroom environments includes structuring the physical arrangement of the classroom to increase appropriate behaviors, such as engagement, and decrease the probability of challenging behaviors. Several strategies for structuring the Physical classroom include: arranging the classroom to ensure visual monitoring of children, arranging activity centers to support children’s appropriate behaviors (e.g., limiting the number of children in a center) and facilitating smooth transitions among activities (e.g., organizing The location of materials on shelves), and arranging materials in the classroom to promote engagement, mastery, and independence. Increasing the accessibility, appropriateness, and availability of toys and materials can facilitate children’s independence, thus, decreasing the likelihood of challenging behaviors. In addition, attending to details, such as the lighting, temperature, and noise levels, can reduce the probability of children who engage in problem behaviors due to sensitivity to these environmental factors (e.g., children with autism).

Children like predictability! When organizing a daily schedule, teachers may want to consider rotating large and small group activities, varying active and quiet activities, structuring a transition time in the activity, and placing the most difficult activity at a time when the children are most alert and attentive. It can also help to include a schedule within activities as well as across activities. For instance, if the activity has several components, the teacher may want to communicate to the children what will come first, next, and so forth by showing the child a sequence of visual cues (e.g., photographs, line drawings) that represent the different components...
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