Normative vs Force Field Analysis

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  • Published : October 9, 2011
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Normative vs. Force Field Analysis
Kim Schnitzer
August 21, 2011
AIU Online

The following pages contain information provided in a memo to BARTH, Inc from Working Better Group. This information is in reference to different forms of collecting information and analyzing it to make changes within the organization.

The following pages discuss the comparison between the normative model and force field analysis. They will also discuss WBG’s selection of which form of data collection is better for this type of situation and why. Also contained in this memo to Dr. Babcock is the process WBG recommends to create the descriptions of the values. Dr. Babcock,

Below you will find a short but descriptive explanation of the similarities and differences between the normative model and force field analysis. You will also find our recommendation of which process to use to create behavioral endpoints for the questionnaire. Lastly, we have also included what our firm feels would be an appropriate questionnaire for everyone involved to generate the most beneficial information. Normative vs. Force Field

The normative model is considered a prescriptive model and can prove to be very helpful in certain situations. This type model not only evaluates but also suggests solutions for different problems based on the norms of similar situations. Unlike its counterpart, the descriptive model, the normative model can suggest what should be done and also how it should be accomplished. Force field analysis can be explained in much the same way as the normative model with the exception that everything is based on the situation at hand and not compared too or analyzed by other similar instances at other companies. Force field analysis is also very helpful when dealing with resistance to change.

Process and Questionnaire
Currently the questionnaire basically contains three questions and our firm would like to add one more to the list. As of this moment the...
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