Normative Dimensions of Leadership

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  • Published : October 20, 2011
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Normative Dimensions of Leadership

University of Phoenix
LDR/736 Architecture of Leadership

Normative Dimensions of Leadership
Normative dimensions of leadership theory looks at the big picture of the organization to work out challenges and find solutions to problems. According to Harvey (2001) The normative leadership model approach is a caring type of leadership where the leader has vision and implements ideas, arguing that a caring type of leadership is actually good for profits in a capitalistic society (Harvey, 2002). Normative leaders are visionaries who inspire followers to contribute to the successful completion of strategic goals (Rigsby & Greco, 2003). This paper reviews the leadership style of DeBorah Thigpen, President of Thigpen and Associates, a small public relations and marketing communication consulting agency. The paper compares and contrast servant leadership and transformational leadership styles that are influential in the DeBorah’s leadership repertoire. Servant leadership

Servant-Leadership serves as the dominant leadership practice for this learner. According to the late author, Robert K. Greenleaf, who coined the term Servant-Leadership (McGraw Hill, 2001) believed “the servant-leader is a servant first” (p.65). This philosophy is the practice of serving the organizations or people needs first, and aspires to be leaders. While working as an entrepreneur for 20 years, the learner, DeBorah Thigpen, had to work on both sides of business, follower and leader. She was a follower during her passive moments while listening carefully to the comments of the employees. As a follower Ms. Thigpen became wiser to what operations needed to change within the organization. She would step back into the leadership role when she needed to lead, yet in all aspects of the business, she never truly surrendered the leadership position. Servant- Leaders are good listeners, empathetic and caring. While leading her company, Thigpen & Associates, she discovers she has a caring heart and would listen to sob stories, and help employees find solutions to life’s challenges. As President of the organization, her listening skills made her popular among employees who often visited her office with problems looking for sound advice. The down side to this practice is that sometimes employees would take my caring attitude as a weakness. Ms. Thigpen’s goals at the end of day are to get the employee to commit to high standards in customer service and make a profit. By showing her caring side she discovered that the employee’s felt a personal connection with the company and worked to accomplish organization goals. According to researchers, servant leaders have vision beyond themselves providing their loyalty to followers whose needs become the primary focus; thus, allowing them to flourish (Banutu-Gómez, 2004; Stone, Russell, & Patterson, 2004; Shriberg, Shriberg, & Lloyd, 2002; Whetstone, 2002). Servant leadership is capable of isolating and excluding personal preconceived notions in favor of granting followers freedoms to function in autonomous environments (Stone, Russell, & Patterson, 2004). Leadership

I do not believe you can be a great manager without being a good leader. Based on the definition of leadership that Nelson (2005) found in the United States Army's Field Manual 22-100; it is defined as " influencing people by providing purpose, direction and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improve the organization" (p. 93). By this definition, a manager has to be able to influence his or her subordinates to reach a common goal. Schneider (2003) points out that "management without proper leadership is treacherous" (p. 11). He continues to state that "one has to do with effectiveness, the other has to do with efficiency; one involves doing things right, the other with doing the right things" (Schneider, 2003 p. 11). In addition, I do not believe one can be a good leader...
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