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Norman Schwarzkopf

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From his youth Norman Schwarzkopf told himself he would be an Army Officer, somewhere along the way he also decided to be a great one. He was born August 22, 1934 to a West Point Officer, Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf, in Trenton, New Jersey. His Father was stationed in Tehran, Iran after his service in both World Wars which caused Norman Jr. and the rest of his family join his father in Iran. Norman Jr. spent most of his youth in Iran, even going to grade school there. Later in life he would say that this opportunity paid off in his understanding of life and people in the Middle East, where his career had is climax. He also spent time in parts of Europe because of his father's career which allowed him to become fluent in French, German and Farsi.

It is in the Middle East that his name became a household name, even though before this, long before this, his name deserved to be a household name. He served as a battalion commander on his second tour in Vietnam where he was awarded three Silver Star medals. This is where his famous mine field bravery occurred. When hearing of some of his men being trapped in a North Vietnese minefield, then Colonel Schwarzkopf rushed to the scene in his helicopter and got on the ground to help his men. While holding on man down who had been wounded, he himself was wounded. After another mine went off, killing more of his men, he then led his men out of the field and into safety. This is where Schwarzkopf truly started to shine, but more importantly, this is where his reputation as a great leader started among his men and spread to the entire Army.

After about twenty years of service including a lot of public relations works, especially after Vietnam, and being the Deputy Commander of Joint Task Force in Grenada, Schwarzkopf then would become an essential part of the U.S. led mission in Iraq in the Gulf War. He was promoted to four star general in 1988 and appointed commander in chief of the Army Central Command, which...

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