Normalization of the Erd

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Normalization of the ERD
By: Vanessa Kennedy

Normalization of the ERD
The normalization of the ERD along with the driver’s log is taking all of the data within the database and putting the information into tables (World Book, 2011). In addition, after the data is normalized it then is put into an Entity Relationship Diagram or ERD (World Book, 2011). In this paper we will look at the ERD of the driver’s log.

The normalization that I would perform on the driver’s log would be on the Driver’s Table. In this table I would have set it up to have an additional table for the Name, Employee ID Number, and Date of the Last Physical Examination, Date of Last Annual Drug Test, and the Date of the Last Random Drug Test. The information that is listed here is only needed if a problem should occur with the driver.

The normalization that I would perform on the Driver’s Log Table is listed as follows; the first step is to create a table that contains the Content’s Name, Employee ID Number, Date (month, day, and year), Tractors ID Number, Trailer 1 ID Number, Trailer 2 ID Number, and Trailer 3 ID Number. This would be the first table of the ERD. The reason why I would make this table is because I believe this is more for record keeping. With that being said by using this table it helps keep track of which driver has which tractor and trailer.

Next there would be a second table created. In this table it would contain the following information; the table would have information such as Name, Employee ID Number, Date, Co-Driver name and Co-Driver Employee ID Number. The information on this table is a quick reference. The quick reference table will allow an individual to see who is working with each employee.

Next there would be a third table created. The third table would contain the following information; Name, Employee ID Number, Off Duty Start and Stop Time, and the total of the Off Duty Hours. This table would be used to keep track of the off duty hours. This table...
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