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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Is the process where a child is able to function appropriately in the environment without being disturbed, intimidated and also where a child has peace and feels safe, and also a child grow independent of the adult. . In such environment a child becomes normal, and when a child is normal, order and self confidence is formed. As Montessori puts it “it leads to a development of inner discipline, self assurance and preference for purposeful activities”

who is a normalized child
A normalized child is the one who is able to function appropriately in a prepared environment.

Characteristics normalized child
Love of order
Children love the environment where things are in-order, eg working materials are easy to find and reach. In Montessori class room environment, children are self reliance they don’t depend much on their teachers to give them materials to use. And after using them they put them back in-order. Children absorbs knowledge from his environment simply by living. As Montessori said “we adults acquire knowledge with our intelligence, whilst the child absorbs with his whole psychic life…. Impressions not only penetrate into his mind, they form it, they become incarnate.”{her life and work, page. 264} Love of work

Work in this sense, involves a childs whole personalities in his love of work. A child is able to express himself and this gives a child joy in performance of it. Montessori method of learning is about work not playing as Montessori defends her self and I cote. “against those who say that my method is a play method.” Page 175 Her Life and Work. Profound spontaneous concentration.

This complete concentration it often “isolates the child from his environment, ”as Montessori said, in her life and work page 175 it is a biological phenomenon., and it is a phenomenon of growth. During this stage, a childs intelligence which is concentrating here, constructing itself through commerce with the outside world....
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