Normal vs Abnormal

Topics: Psychology, Behavior, Human behavior Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Normal Vs. Abnormal
Patricia Caesar
PSY 202
Denice Colson

Normal Vs. Abnormal
Thinking about what normal versus abnormal is different for everyone. I might think something is of normalcy, and someone else may think it was just crazy to consider what I may be thinking. Who is normal these days? In my words, being normal to me is not how a person looks or is formed, but their actions as a person. A person who leads a common day to day life, with no inconsistencies would be of normal behavior. Now on the other hand, someone who is abnormal to me is someone who leads an outgoing, odd, and not of common day to day life. I consider myself abnormal. Doing things out of the ordinary is what makes that person. Being abnormal can either be a talent or how someone views certain things. I would consider an artist abnormal. They see things in a different light then others may. An abnormal picture may be viewed as disturbing to people who do not think outside of the box, but to an abnormal person the picture is normal. To me there is a thing called “bad abnormal versus good”. A bad abnormal could be someone who is a serial killer and gets a high when killing his victims. This behavior is not normal and shows abnormal behavior. According to the text, psychoanalytic is described as a psychological disorder that is from childhood situations or even conflicts. So whatever the child has learned they may have learned it through a behavior or a parent of even friend. This is what’s called behavioral perspective. These behaviors can determine how that person is raised or how they see themselves as they get older or even how they view their environment. This perspective is called cognitive perspective. These perspectives tie into each other because one tries to help and treat the issue when the other is the reason why the treating is needed.
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