Nordstorm Case Study

Topics: Customer, Customer service, Service Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: September 3, 2012
In this case study, we are reviewing the marketing excellence of Nordstrom in reference to customer service and brand loyalty. We are going to discuss how Nordstrom can continue to provide excellent customer service along with increased brand loyalty. We are also going to discuss what Nordstrom’s greatest risks are and who their major competitors are (Keller, K. & Kotler P., 2012). Nordstrom can continue to provide excellent customer service in several ways. Following these 10 commandments of great customer service can’t help: 1 Know who is boss, 2 Be a good listener, 3 Identify and anticipate needs, 4 Make customer feel important, 5 Help customer understand your system, 6 Appreciate the power of “YES”, 7 Know how to apologize, 8 Give more than expected, 9 Get feedback, and 10 Treat your employees well. I will elaborate on these below (, 2012) Have recognition meetings with the staff. These are venues for reinforcing, recognizing, and rewarding behavior. Demonstrating sincere, authentic appreciation – identify what makes an employee different, how they add value. Emphasize the team spirit – I work for the greatest company, greatest faculty. Always try and teach your people something new, like new sales techniques. Offer employees something that would generate and maintain interest. Perpetuate the culture – talk about what is good about the culture, what makes our culture unique, what makes it work. Try to maintain a positive attitude, this can be hard, but you must try and let go of everything and just focus on the customer. I know what you are thinking sure maintain a positive attitude all these things are going wrong right now and you want me to stay positive…think about what you do have! Plus it does make you feel better to be nice to someone else, and to just smile? Prepare yourself – the more prepared you are the better you feel about what you are doing. Think about things like I want to help, I am happy to make a...
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