Nora Morally Ambiguous

Topics: Money, Debt, Marriage Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: March 14, 2013
In the beginning of a Doll House Nora is perceived as a happy, full-hearted character. She responds to her husband teasing lightly and is excited about his new adventures. Nora doesn’t seem to mind her doll-like existence, in which she is coddled, pampered and patronized. But as the play progresses you begin to see her true colors. She demonstrates that she’s not just a “silly girl,” as Torvalds call her that she understands the details of business. When she takes out a loan to preserve Torvalds health. Indicates that she is intelligent and possesses abilities beyond wifehood. Nora’s character becomes questionable when she starts breaking away from all the standards and expectations her husband and society had set up for her, this making her a morally ambiguous character. Early in the Helmers' marriage, Torvalds got sick from overwork. Doctors prescribed a trip south to warmer climates as the only way to save him. At the time, the Helmers didn't have the money for such a trip. To save Torvalds’s pride, Nora borrowed money without his knowledge and funded a year in Italy. In order to pay off the debt, she's been skimming from the allowance Torvalds gives her and secretly working odd jobs. Nora is especially happy about Torvalds’s new job, because now money won't be a concern. By taking out a loan by herself shows that she knows how the business world functions and that she’s not just a “silly girl.” Her description of her years of secret labor undertaken to pay off her debt shows her fierce determination and ambition. Furthermore the fact that she is willing to break the law in order to ensure Torvalds health shows her courage and love for him. That she would do anything for her family. Krogstadʻs blackmail and the disturbance that follows do not change Nora’s nature instead they open her eyes to her unfulfilled and underappreciated potential. She begins to inform Torvalds that she basically has been performing tricks for him during an argument. Nora...
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