Nora's Diary Entry

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World Literature Essay 2
The following piece is based on the play written by Henrik Ibsen namely, A Doll’s House. This a creative piece of writing in a form of a diary entry written by the protagonist of the story, Nora. She is displeased by the life she lives and as an act of despair she runs away to live her life in ‘freedom’ (as she puts it). By making Nora express her feelings in the beginning, those emotions will be critically analyzed and the reasons will brought into notice. This piece of writing will also show how Nora – a gullible, young woman can have a philosophical point of view. This is an attempt at creating the other side of Nora as she has a multiple personality disorder. Although the side of Nora we’ve seen is somewhat altruistic, the other side is completely individualistic. She questions Nora about her actions and what satisfaction she got in the end. Nora, Nora, Nora……oh! I never even made an effort to stop and notice where my life was heading. I left all that I had left of me and now, this will be the new beginning of Nora. I acted foolishly and in a vain manner and I was punished like this. This is why my mother used to repeatedly tell me that every decision i make in life is a vital one, yet I never took her seriously. And the love driven decisions I made, all the time I let Torvald treat me like an asset of his own, I played along like a master training his dog do tricks. What do I have left of me now that I have left my family in order to see the outside world with my very own eyes? The world for me till now was just as phony as my life in the past. I saw the world through my husband’s eyes who didn’t even consider me a wife. He trapped me in the misconception that I am living a dolls life. He referred to me not as his wife but as some cute being that would make him happy every time he saw me. Even then I loved and cared for him. Was I brainwashed to have followed his orders like a doll? It makes me sick only by thinking about it but...
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