Noodles and Congee Industry

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A Feasibility Study Presented to the Faculty of the College of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management


In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Significant tof the Study2
Scope and Limitation3
Definition of Terms6
Chapter I Marketing Aspect8
Product/ Services9
Target Market10
Determination of Demand13
Determination of Supply16
Demand – Supply Gap18
Market Share20
Marketing Program21
Chapter II Technical Aspect
Process Flow Description and Diagram 23
Flow Chart24
Restaurant Layout44
Clearance from Proper Authorities45
Project Activities and Schedule49
Chapter III Management Aspect
Organizational Structure51
Organizational Chart 52
Form of Business53
Company Rules and Regulation54
Work Schedule55
Company Benefits56
Job Description and Specification57
Chapter IV Financial Aspect
Contribution to Employment74

Noodles and Congee Avenue is created to serve Chinese Cuisine menus in a very satisfying taste yet affordable price. One of our vision that Noodles and Congee Industry will become one of the fastest growing Chinese Cuisine in our country thus our group come up with the General Objective and Specific Objective. GENERAL OBJECTIVE

To serve meet customers satisfaction in serving them the best tasting Noodles and Congee. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES
* To determine the demand of the product offered.
* To determine the feasibility and profitability of establishing a Chinese Cuisine Food Chain. * To determine the cost that will be both beneficial to the costumer and to the company.

As the makers of this feasibility study, more knowledge will be acquired as we explore in different fields of marketing our product, mental capacities and also physical capabilities will also be enhance in this study. And lastly researchers make them apply all their knowledge that they acquire in different subjects. B. COMMUNITY

This study will be both beneficial to the researchers and the community. Through this study we will able to introduce to Filipinos the other country’s cuisine and appreciate other kind of food that we will surely fond of. This study will also make the possibility that Chinese Cuisine will become popular to our country and also can compete with other Fast food establishments in the country. C. COMMUNITY

These studies will able government to avail taxes that will be implementing in the company and also can help lessen the unemployment rate of the country.

The Feasibility Study focuses on people who are fond of eating Chinese Cuisine. This establishment is built to serve people of all ages and all class that are willing to spend money for our product.

Chinese noodles have a long and well-established history.  It was recorded as early as in Eastern Han Dynasty, which was over 1,900 years ago, that noodles were originally called cakes, with water boiled cake being the ancestor of Chinese noodles.  According to Liuxi's Shi MiNG, cake was a generic name of any food made out of the combination of water and flour, including water boiled flour strips or flour blocks. From the initial period of Eastern Han Dynasty, Southern and Northern Wei Jing Dynasties to the later Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were written records about noodles throughout the history of China.  There was not a unique name of noodles in early times: in addition to the commonly used water boiled noodle, boiled cake and...
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