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Topics: Sampling, Sample size, Demographics Pages: 5 (973 words) Published: February 2, 2013

1. Update your methodology section.
2. Once your data is in, close it in Qualtrics.
3. Export your data to SPSS and proceed to clean (see Workbook, SPSS I) • Check for skip pattern violations
• Code verbatims
• Categorize numbers (if needed)
4. Import data back to Qualtrics if changes were made.
5. Create cross-tabs in Qualtrics (see Workbook, SPSS I)
• Demographics are banners, other questions are stubs • Click “Data Options.” Select “Column Percents,” “Show t-test Statistics,” “One Decimal” • If the question is a scale question, under “Data Options,” also select “Show Banner Means” 6. Print cross-tabs for each question or set of questions (e.g., a set of scale questions). 7. Examine the t-test statistics for significant differences between demographic groups, and note those differences in the analysis portion of your report. 8. Prepare your examples of equations showing differences between means and differences between proportions, to be included in your appendix (see Workbook, Chapter 13B). 9. Based on the data in your cross-tabs, create the graphics you will use in your Power Point presentation. You can use the same graphics in the analysis section of your report. 10. Once the graphics are in place in your report, write the verbal summary of results for each question to accompany each graphic. Then add in the demographic differences noted in Step 7 above. 11. Write your conclusions section, your recommendations section, and, finally, your executive summary. 12. Put your appendix together.

13. Last, your table of contents.
14. Make sure all parts on the list titled “Project Report” are included in your report.

50 Points

A copy of your final report should be given to your client, either electronically or in hard copy. The final report due to me should be bound with a comb binding and should contain the following sections (single spaced, 12-point type, with headings and breaks):

2.5 ptsTitle Page: Include course #, report name, team name, team members with each person’s
email address, and date of submission.

2.5 ptsTable of Contents

5 ptsExecutive Summary: A concise summary of your overall report.

15 ptsMethodology:
Purpose of study – management decision problem, market research problem, market
research objectives
Survey method used (e.g., online survey)
Questionnaire formulation process
Pre-testing of questionnaire (e.g., how many, who, how)
Target market
Size of target population (N)
Sampling method (e.g., random, convenience, snowball, etc.)
Sampling frame
How representative of the population is your sample? If not, what makes it not
What is your targeted sample size? (hoped for)
When was the data collected?
What is your actual sample size? (n)
Now that you know your actual sample size, what is the level of accuracy of your data at
a 95% confidence level? Show the formula. Show the finite multiplier if it
Discuss response rate.
Show the demographic make-up of your data, briefly. Graphics are not necessary in this
section unless you feel they enhance the information.

2.5 ptsSecondary Data: background, census data, anything pertinent that you had to look up as secondary data. (Pertinent information only, one page or less).

15 ptsAnalysis of Data:
Generally, display the information/answer to each question of the questionnaire on its own page, with accompanying graphic, verbal explanation, and whatever demographic points of interest there are (if any). If you had a GRID of questions, they can be grouped as one question. FOLLOW-UP questions can be included with the original question rather than treated separately. In other words, if it makes sense to group data together, then do it.

You do not need to run statistics tests on the OVERALL answers to questions...
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