Nonviolent vs Violent Revolutions

Topics: Nonviolent revolution, Revolution, Nonviolence Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: January 11, 2012
Violence and bloodshed are terrible things to sacrifice in the course of a Revolution, but are the only effective ways one could possibly occur. It is impossible for any other method to be more effective in achieving a revolution other than violence and bloodshed. Mankind has use this method for tens of thousands of years, and is the only form of governmental rebellion used. Some other forms of government has been tried, but none other were more successful than the original method of brute force.

Nonviolent revolutions are extremely ineffective in the sense of trying to rebel against the government. The people of a nation would have no way to take control in the government. Without the use of violence, the people have no power. The government is too powerful to overthrown, and a ruler would certainly not be intimidated with mere protests, and petty strikes. The only way to actually strike fear in the government is to use violence.

There are many political benefits of using violence and bloodshed to have an effective revolution. The government is not afraid to use violence, even if you are. If the people of a nation do not use violence, the government can still resort the their military in order to take down the people. The government is only trying to do what is right for them in order to stay in power.

Also, when not using violence and harmful threats against the government, they will not be under any pressure to make decisions quickly. Since no actual force is being used on them, the government does not need to rush decisions, as there are no consequences of waiting. In a revolution with violence and bloodshed, the government will be rushed into making a decision in order to prevent any more harm to people. Most of the time, the government will try to save as many lives as possible, and surrender to the people quickly.

On an economical view, revolutions with violence and bloodshed will not be destructive the economy. The many deaths of fighting will...
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