Nonviolent Resistance: Best Way of Dealing with Oppression

Topics: African American, Sociology, Racism Pages: 3 (828 words) Published: February 23, 2012
Nonviolent Resistance: Best Way of Dealing with Oppression
When we talk about the United States, the ideal image is freedom and equal opportunity. The founding fathers built this country based on these basic values. However, discrimination and prejudices are examples of complete contradiction of such traditional values. Racial discrimination against African–Americans has perpetuated for years. This discrimination started around the 1800’s, when African-Americans were brought to the U.S. against their will to be sold as slaves. The dominant culture, white, treated the colored domain unfairly. African-Americans suffered many injustices, like for example unpaid labor, non-employment opportunities, inferior education that did not give them an equal opportunity to compete in the white society and oppression. Sometime later, slavery was abolished but the dominant culture did not agree, and a Civil War resulted. Wars turn out to be economically and socially destructive. Indeed, oppressed African–Americans fought against their oppressors to have an equal society. Some people deal with oppression in different ways. In Martin Luther King’s essay, “Three Ways of Meeting Oppression”, he gives an overview of how people cope and react to oppression. They are acquiescence, physical violence and nonviolent resistance. It is his opinion that nonviolent resistance is the best way of handling oppression. After reading his essay, I agree that nonviolent resistance is the best solution for this social issue for the following reasons.

First, nonviolent resistance is the best method because it is not cowardly. For many years we have seen how cultures try to solve oppression. Many of them have fought against others on battles and wars getting temporary results (p. 238). Violence leads to destruction and separation of communities. Hatred that is tied into violence stays among the oppressed, oppressors and future generations. Martin Luther King states that acquiescence is the way...
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