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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Joscelyn Rivas
English III
Mrs. Dudley

Using nonviolent actions toward making a point, is better than using violence to make a point. Throughout America, there have been large masses of people who protested against something unjust. Most of the time they get thrown in jail for this, buy they have morally made their point. Non violence can lead to great success, just like Gandhi. Gandhi humiliated himself and went against the British for his country. There weren't many aggression towards him because his actions were nonviolent. He didn't give up in his insistence against the British. He knew that the choice he was making was right and for the benefit of his people. Many people joined him and in the end all their efforts became successful.

Gandhi did not force people to join him in his mission to receive freedom from Britain, he gave them an option. "The strength of nonviolence comes from the willingness to take personal risk without threatening other people." He knew that it was the morally right thing to do. "Struggle and conflict are often necessary to correct justice." Many people died to accomplish freedom from the British rule. But they died for the right reasons and are honored for their sacrifice and effort they impacted into accomplishing freedom.

Many other people also did everything they could to accomplish their point. Some did it without violence. The Ones who did it without violence were more morally successful, in my opinion. These heroes are the ones who shaped our future.
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