Nonverbal Observation Report

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  • Published : April 26, 2012
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Nonverbal Observation Report
I observed 10 minutes in computer lab room which is the digital classroom in University Center at Trine University. There were a couple sitting next to each other in the lab room using computers. They were discussing some homework problems, asking professor for advice and making fun of each other. Both of them dressed casual and with school bags, cellphones, and books around them. The guy was frustrated about the work he was doing on the computer and he was seeking help from the girl. The girl was first passing by the digital room and saw the guy waving to her and she came in. She started helping him and there was one classmate coming and interrupted them once. And the guy went to printer, grabbed the paper and asked the professor for some advice. Since the girl and the guy are probably boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, they were sitting close to each other, talking and touching each other within a personal distance. I do think the function of the space do affect the behavior of people using it. For example, when there was a long distance between the guy and the girl when she was passing by the lab, he waved to her to tell her come in. And when she tried to leave, he grabbed her arm to ask for help with solving the homework problems. Yes, there are similarities in the males and females. I think both of them used languages to teach but the guy used more gestures, and illustrators. They girl use more adaptors and facial expressions and eye contacts. I observed between nine thirty and ten. I think so, because it was in the morning and somehow it is little bit cold and tiring. The girl yawned with using one hand covering her mouth and she fold her arms to warm up. The environment does affect the behaviors of people. The condition and reflection are influenced by your physical body. Overall I do find out people potentially use a lot of nonverbal communications in daily communication. And the usage frequency and preference are...
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