Nonverbal Messages in Adverisements

Topics: Physical attractiveness, Female body shape, Body shape Pages: 4 (1421 words) Published: September 11, 2008
Nonverbal messages in magazine advertisements

Nonverbal Communication


Nonverbal messages in magazine advertisements
The paper will analyze nonverbal messages conveyed by physical appearance in two advertisements found in the fitness magazine “Fitness RX”. The first advertisement is taken from the “Fitness RX” magazine for men and the second advertisement is taken from “Fitness RX” for women. The paper will analyze what messages about physical appearance the advertisements sends to its readers. The paper will evaluate to what extent the advertisements reinforce popular physical appearance stereotypes. Finally, the effects that these advertisements may have on readers will be explored.

The markers of physical attractiveness that will be considered include body proportionality, as well as waist to hip ration. In addition, facial attractiveness will be considered in terms of facial neoteny and facial hair. The prediction is that models in the advertisements will fit the stereotypical ideal for an attractive body.

The advertisement featured in the Fitness RX for men magazine promotes a dietary supplement for men, looking to increase their muscle volume. As stated in the advertisement, the brand “Xpand” increases energy and prepares the body for a heavy weight lifting when taken before and after workouts. The advertisement features and man and a woman in the background. In this next section, the focus will be on the physical attractiveness of the man. Research suggests (Guerrero and Floyd, p. 65) that attractive bodies have certain proportions, which is the size of one physical aspect relative to another. One way to calculate these proportions, also called the “Golden ratio” is to find the ratio between the navel to the Adam’s apple to the distance from the Adam’s apple to the top of the head, which should ideally be 1 to 1.618. Using a ruler, it was found that the model had a ratio of 9 to 6 cm or 1.07...
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