Nonverbal Messages

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Clothing meanseans a lot to some people. Some people will look at your clothes and get a full assumption of what type of person you are. Clothing is used as a nonverbal message all the time now it's all over commercials tv ads everywhere Americans value clothing a lot in the United States sad but true. People will get judge mental by something as small as clothing, when people all have different opinions.

Economic level- clothing can make someone seem in a higher social class by simple as wearing expensive stuff.

Educational level- clothing can make a statement by how you dress dressing more professional can make people think you are at a high educational rate.

Trustworthiness- dressing more conservative maybe can make someone more trustworthy

Social position- just like economic level wearing nicer stuff or more expensive can fool people about social position or social rank

Level of sophistication- clothing could have a nonverbal message being real conservative not showing people what you have can make you look real sophisticated.

Economic background-I'm not to sure how it can affect economic background

Social background- dressing like a African for an example can tell social background dressing how you were raised or where you were raised at.

Educational background- dressing By the books can tell you that he learned some Inge in school

Level of success- excessive jewelry and real expensive stuff measures level of success for me in my case sometimes or dressing professional.

Moral character-I'm not sure about this one either
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