Nonverbal Listening Patterns

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: December 18, 2009
Nonverbal Listening Patterns
January 5, 2007 was the day Linda and I met for a cup of coffee. I had known her for close to half a year and had really come to like her. By this time I realized I never was tense whenever I talked to her and that I could use the date to declare my love for her. I was determined to find out if Linda really liked me. I pulled the chair for her and she sat as I took the other on the opposite side of the coffee table. I looked at her in the eyes; she looked backed at me momentarily and then smiled as she looked down. I smiled too. Whatever conversation we were going to have was going to be more than just flirtation. I knew she liked watching cartoons so I raised the topic. She raised her cup of coffee and took a sip. I did the same in synchrony. So far everything was moving along smoothly. I stretched out my hand across the table, reached out to hers and looking at her straight in the eyes said, “You’re stunningly beautiful, Linda.” She gently held the palm of my hand with her both hands and responded, “Wow, thanks, am really flattered.” I had not taken my eyes off her by this time and for a moment I thought may be she liked me just as a friend. When I saw her off to the doorsteps of her house I looked out for the signs again. She told me she had a good time with me. I stepped closer and bent my head towards her. She met me half way and our lips touched as we kissed intimately. Through out the conversation I mirrored her behavior. I touched her when she touched me. I kissed her upon the observation that she bent her head towards mine. I, however, kind off missed a positive cue when she fidgeted with her earrings. Linda was beautiful to look at, but sometimes I got carried away that I didn’t notice the embarrassment in her face as she looked down when I ended up locking eyes with her. A totally different conversation took place between me and my girlfriend’s dad a few years ago. I didn’t know he didn’t...
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