Nonverbal Communication and Functional Skills

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  • Published : February 16, 2012
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DTLLS City and Guilds 7305

Unit 2 Planning and enabling learning Level 4 theory assessment

This rationale provides information on my research and findings of four different elements of planning and enabling learning. It will focus on negotiating with learners, inclusive learning, integrating functional skills and communication. I discuss how such activities lead to improvement in students’ development. This material has improved my understanding and enabled me to share this knowledge with other students.

Negotiating with learners is a form of communication where a compromise is established so that the learner and tutor agree on the learner’s goals. The Answers Corporation (2009) states that negotiation is a process, or means to an end, in that "negotiation is the process of two individuals or groups reaching joint agreement about differing needs or ideas".

Once information has been gathered from the initial assessment at the start of the course, it is then important to agree on goals and actions based on this information. The learner must be encouraged through negotiation to take control and responsibility for their own learning by contributing in discussions and decisions about their learning and how this will develop. The teacher needs to negotiate with the student by communicating effectively, using reinforcement, offering choices, ensuring trust, using positive persuasion and listening.

Inclusive learning is described as recognising, accommodating and respecting the needs of all learners by supporting them where appropriate in the learning environment. All learners are entitled to participate in their chosen subject and should be placed in the best possible environment for their needs regardless of their gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation and age.

The teacher must consider all these factors ensuring no one is excluded. Several strategies may be required to ensure that the...
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