Nonverbal Codes

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Sign language Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Nonverbal communication is the process of utilizing body movements in order to relay messages. Nonverbal communication many times provides concise suggestions of what people think or feel about something through the use of body language rather than through verbal communication. Additionally, nonverbal communication helps us to transmit the message while allowing the receiver to interpret its meaning in a clear and concise fashion

Last weekend my family gathered at my aunt’s house in order to celebrate my cousins birthday. However, since I’m a bit skeptical about Arabian food I decided not to eat. Instead, I established a conversation with another aunt who had recently arrived from Venezuela. At first I knew my mom was going to have some issues with the food, so I started to observe my mother’s behavior she started to point up with her thumb finger expressing that the food was good, but at the same time she was frowning her forehead. Even though she verbally was communicating to my aunt that she liked the food, by wrinkling her brow she repeatedly expressed more than seven times the dislike she had with the Arabian cuisine given at the party.

While in church, my oldest daughter was sitting with some of her school friends in the bench behind. In the midst of the sermon they began to carry their own conversation. At this point I turned towards my daughter placed my index finger in front of my mouth and non-verbally sent her a message to seize her conversation. Even though she immediately responded by ending her conversation, I repeated this action three times before she started to pay attention to the sermon

Meetings and presentations are part of my daily work routine, last week I had a meeting and the purpose of the presentation was to use a different laboratory to get the test results for the clinic. Continually the presenter was nodding his head while providing the advantages of this transition. By doing this movements almost during the...
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