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Nonprofit organizations - also referred to as charities - rely heavily on public relations. The main purpose of these organizations is to serve the public interest, rather than trying to make the highest profits like other sectors of public relations. From a PR standpoint, nonprofit organizations are often represented as fostering goodwill, and as beacons of social responsibility. According to GuideStar, an organization that collects data from nonprofit groups, the nonprofit sector of PR employs over 6.5 million people within almost 2 million organizations. Historically, the nonprofit sector of PR has developed since the birth of nonprofit organizations themselves. The success of nonprofit groups relies primarily on the efforts of the public relations staff. Nonprofit organizations can only operate on donations, which are procured through fundraising by PR staff. Furthermore, nonprofits can only acquire volunteers, procure more donations, and generally “spread the word” through good publicity. Without a strong public relations core, nonprofits wouldn’t be able to succeed. The nonprofit sector is unique in the field of public relations and has interesting prospects for the futures.

These organizations, ranging from membership organizations, advocacy groups, and social service organizations, to educational organizations, hospitals and health agencies, small-city historical societies, and global foundations, are unique in the sense that they seek to improve the lives’ of their members, or enhance the human condition in some way. Depending on the organization that you’re working for, PR tactics can include lobbying, litigation, mass demonstrations, boycotts, reconciliation, fund-raising, publicity, creation of events, use of services, creation of educational materials, and writing newsletters. Nonprofit organizations do not distribute monies to shareholders or owners and are tax exempt. For this reason, problems that nonprofits face are asking for donations to...
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