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Tattacoats is an English fairy tale gathered by Joseph Jacobs in his “More English Fairy Tales”. A fairy tale is a fictional story that may feature magical characters and numbers. They always ends happily, but they also contains a moral or message. So what’s the moral in Tattercoats?

The tale is a about a girl named Tattercoats, who lived in a castle on an island in the middle of the sea. Her mother died in childbirth, therefore did Tattercoats grandfather swear that he would never look at her. So she grew up quite mistreated, and was called "Tattercoats" for her tattered clothing. One day an invitation from the king arrived, announcing a great ball at which the prince will chose a bride. Her grandfather sailed off to the palace, but Tattercoats was left behind. So she went to see her only friends, the geese, and there she meet a boy, who became her friend. The boy could fly a kite, so he used it to fly Tattercoats across the sea. They meet a handsome young man on their journey. He asked for direction, but they were already heading to the castle so he followed them. Suddenly he looked at Tattercoats. The young man had a revelation, and felt in love with the poor, tattered and dirty girl who never had experienced such a thing as love. The man was so impressed by her beauty, that he invited her to the ball. When she arrived to the, she discovered that the young man was the prince, and he chose her to be his bride. They lived happily ever after, meanwhile Tattercoats grandfather went back to his castle more bitterly than ever.

'Tattercoats” is based on a traditional English tale, that shares some features with the Cinderella story. First of all there is a poor and abandoned girl whose parents are dead, and therefore her only relative is a mean stepmother or, as in this case a vicious grandfather who don’t see her as a family member. The life of the girl is awful, but...
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