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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Chapter 9 Web/IP Quest

Use your book, the InterActive Physiology CD and associated websites to help you answer the following questions:

Muscle Anatomy

Text: pages 280 – 288; IAP CD Anatomy Review;

The Structure of the Muscle Organ Gross Physiology of Skeletal Muscle - Functional Unit of Muscle – Sarcomere - Parts of Muscle Cells and Sliding Filament Theory - 1.

2. What are the functions of muscle tissue?
3. List and describe the hierarchy of skeletal muscle structure and function, both microscopic and macroscopic. This includes all connective sheaths, cell parts, etc. 4. What is the relationship between the T-tubes, the sarcoplasmic reticulum and the “triad”? 5. What is the sliding filament theory

Muscle Physiology

Text: pages 288 – 295; IAP CD The Neuromuscular Junction and Sliding Filament Theory;,

Animations to help!
Sliding Filament Theory - Parts of Muscle Cells and Sliding Filament Theory - Sarcomere Shortening - click on the link Function of Neuromuscular Junction -

1. Define action potential in your own words.
2. Identify the...
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