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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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When I began doing research I thought that there was nothing to it. In high school doing research meant to get on the internet and look up interesting facts about a subject and writing down what you thought about the topic as well as the facts you learned. The last English class I took did not include doing a lot of research. We would have a journal do here and there and it would be about our opinions over a specific topic the teacher would give us. That is why I thought researching had nothing to it.

Taking this class has taught me that there is a lot to research. It also has taught me that there is even a step process in doing research. The first step is to find a specific topic that you are interested in learning more about. A certain medicine you have been taking for example. The next step is to gather information. The information that you gather should be the information that pops out to you while you are reading. After you gather information you pick how you want to word the information because you cannot use the writers words otherwise you are plagiarizing. Once you find out how you want to word your information, you put it all together in your own article. A very helpful tip while researching is to break it up and not do it all in one day. For instance take the first day to pick your topic. Let the next day be used to gather information and pick the information you want to use. Let the last day be spent on rewording the information as well as putting into a document of your own. These steps will make research a lot easier.

The first step to researching is to find a topic that interests you or even one that is going on in your life. There are many different medicines in the world today, which is a great topic to research. Especially if you are taking a certain kind that you would like to learn more about. I am epileptic and have recently been put on a different medicine that I did not know a lot about. The medicine is called...
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