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case study (leadership)

You are Mrs Barton the DHR for Zendal Pharmaceuticals. You are to present a case for leadership development of your staff. Write a letter to the COO of the company showing the benefits of such a program and why it is necessary even in a down economy and the company losing 26% market share from the previous year. Provide a convening argument for leadership development of Zendal executives by using what you have learned in class the last two weeks. Your paper should be between 500 and 600 words, double space font size 12, with 2 cm margins on all sides. Any paper not meeting these requirements will be rejected, and 20% of the grade will deducted. No late papers. Paper dur 12/05 at clas time. Hard copies only accepted. Name appearing on all pages and all pages numbered.

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Barton has to:
* has to tie leadership development to the business drivers * look at the company’s strategy and find out how executive development will get CEO and his team there faster * talk to the division heads to learn what’s working , what isn’t , what’s plain missing * she needs to talk with Stockton but not about the budget ,persuade him to use executive development as an engine for change * Stockton need to be the program’s sponsor

* Stockton view of what kind of leaders he wants will set the program’s priorities * Accelerating the post-merger integration of the management teams and implementation of a “fast-start” process * Executive development : bringing new knowledge , new practices, new thinking to daily challenges * Bringing experts in industry and academic expert in the context of challenge and have them become thinking partners with your senior executives=> clear objectives and real measures * Customized programs => applicable to the company’s needs => fastest growing segment of executive education * Needs to be helped by many senior executives to formulate both the focus ad the plan of the...
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