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A Critical Analysis
(William Shakespeare)

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Mrs. Dierva A. Bernardo

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Caesar has returned after fighting and killing Pompey, his former co-leader in the Roman triumvirate. The irony of this lost on the plebeians, who celebrated the individual instead of the nation. During the celebration, a soothsayer then approaches and warns Caesar about the Ides of March. But instead of believing the soothsayer, Caesar walked away and did not mind what the soothsayer said. Caesar wishes not to see Cassius in the ceremony. This happened on the 14th of February in the streets of Rome. That ends our exposition and let’s now see where it leads..


The conspirators pulled out their plan of killing Caesar successfully but the outcome was not how they expected it to be, the people panicked. Antony used Brutus’s trust and naiveness to his advantage by asking him if he can deliver a speech at Caesar’s funeral. Brutus agreed in the condition that Antony will not blame them to which the latter promised not to. Unknown to Brutus, Antony fully intended to avenge Caesar by sending the people to protest. The speech of Antony started with him claiming the traitors as honourable men but as he went on, his speech became sarcastic and ironic. Soon after he revealed Caesar’s will, the people were so eager to set their torches and burn the houses of the...
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